What is Permanent residence permission (Permanent VISA) ?

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When a foreigner having a residence qualification hopes for a change of a residence qualification to a person of permanent residence, it is the permission that the Minister of Justice gives, and permanent residence permission can be said to be a kind of residence qualification change permission.

The foreigner who took permanent residence permission is to reside by a residence qualification of "a person of permanent residence".

A residence qualification "person of permanent residence" works on the residence, and I compare all of a residence period with other residence qualifications in the point that is not limited, and residence management is largely relaxed.

On this account, about permanent residence permission, a rule independent of a change permission procedure of a general residence qualification is established particularly by having to examine you more carefully than a change of a normal residence qualification.

To acquire "a permanent resident?"

@Having assets or a skill to be enough if you run independent living.

AYou do not have a criminal record, and paying your tax.

BIt become profit of Japan that you have permanent VISA.

CHaving the the longest residence period .

@@@Permanent resident can do any kind of work..

About a residence period
@@ You must continue living in Japan more than ten years .

@AIf you were a foreign student, it is for longer than five years to live in Japan with a working
@@qualification among ten years. @

@BIf you got married, you must live in Japan more than three years.

@CIf you have get married and live together on abroad,You must pass more than three years and
@@live in Japan more than one year.

Application of permanent residence permission is delicately different in a matter to be necessary in each case of an applicant individual.

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